About Us


The rother as a British Brand that has started its operation in 2004.

With over 10 years experience, the rother brand since established has been leading lighting and electrical equipments all over the world.

Our main aim is to develop and distribute of all various types of LED lighting and electrical equipment solutions by achieving the best price/quality rate.

The suppliers which produce rother products they follow the quality standards and certification rules under the CE/EMC, ROHS, UKCA, EAC.

Our target markets are Middle East/Asia, Europe, Africa and The UK and also our partners are leading companies in their markets that satisfy all of the customers with their various product ranges and reliabilities.

The rother as a brand it’s spending its effort to keep its professional image and developing itself as one of the leading brands in the LED markets.

We have been waiting for you with over 10 years experiences and the best promised service quality.

Join our family to be one of the best Led Lighting and electrical equipments solutions partners.

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the most reachable and trusted lighting brands all over the world. We are on a journey to create difference and value in the lighting market for our business partners.  Rother is aiming to open new warehouses and sales offices in strategical locations to provide a competitive advantage to our business partners.

Our Mission

The mission of the Rother is to provide excellent service and profitable products to the lighting market. Our R&D department is dedicated to developing new products and researching technological advancements. We have been achieving our goals with our partners and trying to enter potential markets with advantages of stockpiles, design and quality.